I think I'm more excited about it being time for Back-To-College than anyone...but, maybe that's because I won't be having to actually attend classes this Fall, but I know I'd love to decorate a dorm again! 

Anyway, my sister and her boyfriend are off to a new school this semester. There's a ton of fun things that have to get done before school begins: Signing leases, moving in, apartment decorating, school supply shopping, figuring out where all your classes will be. Oh yeah, and having to buy all those wonderful textbooks... 

I remember how pricey those campus bookstores can be. Mine even offered some sort of rental system, instead of "buying," and I still ended up with an empty wallet each semester. When your professors finally give you the mandatory textbook list this week, remember that running to your campus bookstore isn't the only option you have. 

Renting books from can help you save half of what you would pay in a bookstore for a new (or even used) book. All you have to do is find your book through their easy search, rent it out and get it shipped for free (then at the end of the semester, ship it back, again...for free). 

Want to know the BEST part about renting with For every textbook that you rent, a donation is made to Operation Smile, an international children's medical charity that helps heal the smiles of children born with a cleft. I think that's a pretty great way to start our your semester (and every semester in the future). 

If you're like me and have quite a few textbooks laying around your house that you forgot to sell back, you may want to check out their rentback system, where your old books will be rented out to students who need them this semester. You get paid for the rental and you still hold ownership of the book! Pretty cool thing to look into. 

We'll see how many books my sister will need after she attends her first few classes on her new campus, next week. I must admit, I am pretty excited I won't be the one reading and studying them this Fall! Sorry little sis. Good luck!

Be sure to check back this week. I'll be sharing Bethany's new apartment and all the decorating work we put into it over the weekend!