See Ya, March

I had a whirlwind of a last weekend in March. From Friday to Sunday, Coach and I spent a total of 11.5 hours in our car and drove around 660 miles. I'll make a brief summary and we'll tell March, "Goodbye!" 

Our first trip of the weekend was to see my brother-in-law graduate from basic training. That evening he had to go right to where he'll be doing AIT, but we got to spend some time with him, eating lunch and shopping around the smallest mall in OK. Proud of him!

The next day, I shot my first wedding in 5 years. The bride, Haley, and I met 20 years ago when our Dad's were coaching at the same school. You've probably seen her and her man around the blog and there's more to come this week! At the wedding, my parent's were guests, so I got to spend some time with them while I was working. 

Easter morning, the bunny left all of us 20-something "kids" baskets made entirely out of candy (even down to the straw inside...even if it didn't taste the greatest). At any age, when the bunny leaves you gifts, it's still awesome. 

Sunday afternoon called for plenty of lounging and napping and some family game time. I didn't even know my sister took these photos of me playing Guesstures until I got home. It was obviously an extreme round. Let it be known: us girls beat the boys pretty bad. 

Are we all ready for the month of April? I really can't believe it's already here. I think I say that with every new month lately...but it's so true. Time seems to be flying by so fast. 

Happy April 1st (I'm not a fan of pranks, no foolin' here!)