Happiest 24th!

Coach's birthday was a great one. It fell on a Saturday this year and everybody knows that means he gets to claim an entire birthday weekend! Friday - Sunday we celebrated the big twenty-four. 

Saturday began with his first games of the Ultimate Frisbee Winter Season. I spent the morning cheering on his new team, taking a few pictures and making a convenient store water bottle run. 

Being the awesome wife I claim to be, I created a video-gaming fort for him to enjoy hanging out in after his last day of the work-week. I used our barstools and every blanket in the house I could find. Last, I draped some left-over Christmas lights to make the fort even better. It was way cool if I do say so myself. Living room forts are just as fun for 20-somethings as they are 5-year-olds!

On Saturday evening we went out to Dave and Buster's with some of our best friends, JL & SW. We had tons of great food and played games all night...Literally there is no sense of time in that place. We were there until they were closing and had no idea it had gotten so late!

I think it turned out to be a great first-birthday-as-a-married-guy. Plus, he got his 4th annual Whataburger gift card from me. A tradition I plan on keeping forever and always...especially since it gets me a good burger too! 

Now that birthday is over, time to think about that Christmas list. You December birthday kids are just too much!