Boyd Family Christmas

Every year during Thanksgiving celebrations, the Boyd family takes our annual group pictures (it's a tradition us grandkids started about 8+ years ago). During this year's Thanksgiving, Coach and I were on our honeymoon cruise and one of my cousins had chipmunk-cheeks after getting her wisdom teeth taken out.

We waited on the pictures until we got together again for Christmas. I love that we've kept up with this tradition, even if it has to be postponed and moved around a bit. It's fun having all these pictures, so we're able to see how we've grown.

On December 23rd, we all arrived at my aunt and uncle's home in Tyler, Texas for the festivities.

After watching the terrible ending to the Cowboys game, I got my camera & we all headed out into the forest together.

This was our first year with the new addition: my husband, Coach! I think he helped even out the heights for our family pictures. That is why I picked him, of course!

After what seemed like a 2-mile hike through the woods, we headed back to their house for dinner & gifts. 

We had a great time with my family! Football, photos, food and love.